Kombinationsvinkelhake 16 tum (40cm) TRUE BLUE (Inch/Metric)

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Kombinationsvinkelhake 16" (40cm) TRUE BLUE® Combination Square (Inch/Metric)


Combination squares are an essential measuring tool for any workshop, metalworking, or construction jobsite. Whether you are measuring angles, gauging depth, or finding the center on rounded objects, or checking level, EMPIRE® is committed to delivering the most refined, accurate, and easy-to-use combo square. Our TRUE BLUE® combination squares deliver on our commitment and legacy of providing quality measurement solutions while our other squares deliver a full line of solutions to meet any measuring needs.

EMPIRE® continues to innovate in this category by designing the TRUE BLUE® Squares from the ground up to include updated BLADE-LOCK™, DUAL-PITCH™ vial, and rational head dimensions making them the most versatile and easy to use combination squares on the market.

  • BLADE-LOCK™ for fast adjustment and secure hold
  • DUAL-PITCH™ vial for checking 1 and 2 degree slope
  • Rational Head Dimensions
  • Heavy duty machined head for guaranteed accuracy
  • Scriber pin stored on board for convenient marking of materials
  • High visibility chemical etched stainless steel blade
  • Made in the USA with global materials
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Tillverkad i USA.

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