Wera Kraftform kompakt SH 2 Plumbkit


1.689 SEK 
Available for pre-order

Compact tool set with 15 important screwdriving tools for the sanitary and heating sectors. With 2 Joker Switch ratcheting combination wrenches, VDE handle with 4 extra-slim blades, voltage tester, 4 L-keys with thermoplastic sleeve, chiseldriver and 2 Kraftform Plus nutspinners with hollow shaft. The details: 2 Joker Switch ratcheting combination wrenches with special retaining plate to prevent slipping/loss of the screw and more torque transfer; 1 VDE handle and 4 VDE iS blades for safe working at up to 1000 volts (iS with reduced blade diameter and integrated protective insulation for reaching and operating low-lying screw and spring elements); 1 voltage tester 247; 4 L-keys with Hex-Plus profile to prevent rounding out screws; 1 Kraftform chiseldriver 932 A (slotted) with pound-thru hexagonal blade and integrated impact cap for screwdriving and light chiselling; 2 socket wrench nutspinners 395 HO with hollow shaft for tightening or loosening nuts on protruding threaded rods as well as fixed screws. Including tools with "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding in accordance to profiles and size stamping – for fast and easy tool selection.