Wera Bitssats 6 TX Impaktor 1


349 SEK 

Wera Bitssats 6 TX Impaktor 1

Utvecklade för slagskruvdragare, tålig bits som tar upp delar av vridmomentet för att skruven ska hålla bättre

6 Wera Impaktor bits tidily arranged in a minimum of space in a practical Bit-Check. The Impaktor technology offers an above-average service life even under extreme circumstances thanks to the best possible utilisation of the material properties and the optimised geometry. The bit tip is coated with tiny diamond particles; this reduces the risk of any slipping out of the screw head thanks to the enhanced frictional resistance.

867/4 IMP DC
  • 2 x TX 20x50
  • 2 x TX 25x50
  • 1 x TX 30x50
  • 1 x TX 40x50