Wera Bitshållare Impaktor Tritorision


264 SEK 

Bitshållare Impaktor Wera Impaktor bitshållare med ringmagnet, särskilt lämplig för kraftiga slagskruvdragare. Dubbla torosionszoner som ökar bitsens livslängd genom att dämpa extrema impulser. Med kraftig magnet som håller skruven Passar både i maskiner med vanlig chuck och med 1/4" snabbfäste

Wera Impaktor holder for the absorption of extreme impulse peaks. Special torsion effect thanks to the double-torsion spring. The Impaktor holder additionally holds long and heavy screws absolutely securely. This enables a rapid and dependable positioning of the screw. Ideal also for overhead work. Should, situation-related, the magnet not be desired e.g. when working with metal, it can be removed from the screwdriving zone and thereby be neutralised. Used mostly for manual power tool applications. Output: suitable for bits with 1/4" hexagon head drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3. Drive: 1/4" hexagon, suitable for power screwdrivers with take-up as per DIN ISO 1173-F 6.3.