Viking Arm lyft tving

Viking Arm

1.625 SEK 
Available for pre-order

Viking Arm är en kraftig lyft / snabb domkraft som bara behöver 6mm frigång och kan lyfta/pressa 150kg 25cm. Den går även bygga om till tving

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About the Product
Viking Arm is a unique, hand-held, patented jack that is being launched in fall 2019.
Viking Arm is a high-quality tool well-suited for the installation of doors, windows, storage systems, cold storage counters and ventilation systems.

The jack is useful for completing installation tasks alone.
Viking Arm is launching in fall 2019.
Weight: 1,3 kg
Materials: Steel and aluminum
Weight capacity: More than 150 kg/330 lb
Lifting height: From 6 mm to 250 mm