Toughbuilt V-Roller Stand TB-S220


710 SEK 

Toughbuilt V-Roller Stand TB-S220

The ToughBuilt® V-Roller Stand is an ideal tool designed to keep pipes and lumber center aligned fur cutting and measuring. It features two rollers with steel ball bearings that keep your materials always centered and sliding smoothly. This roller stand has easily adjustable height from 31.5” to 45.5” at full extension. The V-Roller Stand is like having an extra set of hands in your work shop, providing the support you need.

• V-Roller head keeps pipes and tubing centered when cutting.
• Quickly adjust height from 30.3-46.6".
• Folds flat for easy storage.
• Galvanized steel rollers provide support & smooth movement.
• 2” box tube frame creates an extremely strong structure.
• Custom feet keep stand stable and secure.
• Heavy-duty steel construction provides strength and support.

Closed position: W 43 x D 12 x H 87cm
Open, low position: W 43 x D 56 x H 77-118,5cm

Weight: 12.30 lbs

  • Quickly adjust height from 77-118,5cm
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Galvanized steel roller provides support & smooth movement
  • 2” down tubes create an extremely strong structure
  • Custom feet keep stand stable and secure
  • Bold design

Closed position dimensions:
Width: 430 mm
Depth: 120 mm
Height: 870 mm
Open, low position dimensions:
Width: 430 mm
Depth: 560 mm
Height: 770 - 1185 mm
Weight: 5.58 kg