Toughbuilt Non-Marring SnapShell


209 SEK 

Toughbuilt Non-Marring SnapShell TB-KPS-03

Detta är endast ett skal och bör kompletteras med knäskyddet "GeFit Knee Pads"


The Non-Marring SnapShell™ is the pliable removable shell in ToughBuilt’s™ innovative SnapShell kneepad line. Hard-wearing, pliable rubber conforms to the ground and floor without leaving marks and scratches.

Combined with the ergonomically-designed GelFit™ Knee Pads, ToughBuilt’s SnapShells create the most versatile Knee Pads on the market. Easily interchange with other SnapShells to create the perfect kneepad for every job. Never again will it be a difficult choice what kneepad is right for you.

  • Easily snaps onto GelFit™ Knee Pads
  • Interchange with other SnapShells™ to fit every job
  • Pliable rubber prevents scratching and marring
  • Rubber comfortably conforms to the floor
  • Heavily textured on contact surfaces
  • High quality hollow snaps