Timmermansvinkel Framing Square 400x600mm - e1190M

Empire Level

335 SEK 

Empire Levels timmermansvinkel / Framing Square

e1190M 400x600mm True Blue Laser etched Framing Square (Metric)



Framing squares are an essential part of any carpenter's measurement tools and equipment. Whether you are framing rafters, laying out stair stringers or just need a quick 90° angle measurement, EMPIRE® is committed to delivering the most refined, accurate, and easy-to-use carpenter's square. Our TRUE BLUE® framing squares deliver on our commitment and legacy of providing quality measurement solutions while our other squares deliver a full line of solutions to meet any framing needs.

Framing squares had remained much unchanged since the early 1900’s, until 2015 when we introduced laser etched technology providing the best visibility and durability. EMPIRE® has continued to innovate with ARC-SCRIBE™, the ideal solution for marking arcs when adding an arch to a hallway, installing windows with arches, marking through holes for larger mechanical piping, or building a template for a brick arches.

  • ARC-SCRIBE™ for precision radius layout
  • High visibility laser etched markings
  • Light weight aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum frame will not rust or corode
  • Permanent laser etched markings provide 2X accuracy over standard stamped squares
  • Conversion tables for common application needs
  • Includes 18'', 110'', 112'', 116'' laser etched graduations and conversion tables
  • Made in the USA