Tajima Vattentåligt måttband W-THICK LOCK - GASP25-50E


275 SEK 
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Product description

W-THICK Lock Premium Pocket Tape for superior stand-out, with durable coated scale and coil-spring made of stainless steel for improved winding performance. Suitable for use in wet weather conditions.



  • Extra thick steel tape generates more stiffness. Nylon coated tape is durable and protected against rust, wear and breakage.
  • Coil-spring made of stainless steel for improved winding performance. Tape can be used in wet weather conditions.
  • STRONG HOOK: 1.6 mm thick end hook. 4.7 times stronger than standard models.
  • Length: 5 m
  • Width: 25 mm


Art.nr: GASP25-50E