Systainer3 BASE - wall/base support


415 SEK 539 SEK

The Systainer³ BASE can be used to easily fasten the systainer to the wall or floor. It is used to attach the wall bracket to the wall with screws. Then, the systainer can easily be attached to the wall bracket via the catch and removed again. This type of storage is practical especially when you need to access the contents quickly and always want to keep them in view (such as first aid equipment)

For Systainer³ M, L, XXL, Systainer³ Organizer M + L, Systainer³ ToolBox M + L, systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi II + III”, Sortainer T-Loc “SYS-Sort IV / 3” and systainer®Storage-Box
Yttermått: H 48.00 x B 508.00 x D 396.00 mm
Vikt: 1.59 kg
Teknisk data: Kan bära upp till 10 kg
Kompatibel med: Systainer³ och systainer® T-Loc