StealthMounts Trax90XL Track Saw Square for Makita


249 SEK 
Available for pre-order

Trax90XL Track Saw Square for Makita

Compatible with Makita track

StealthMounts Trax90XL allows you to instantly and securely hold your track a at a 90 angle ensuring precise sheet cutting. Our rail square allows you to improve the accuracy of your cuts being able to produce precise and re reproducible 90 cutting. Trax90XL provides instant material alignment for your Makita plunge saw track. The StealthMounts Trax90 XL with an extended lipped square edge provides instant material alignment for your Makita track saw track. Combined with integrated vacuum hose guidance, this saves time and increases cutting accuracy. Simply place the track on the material and push the 90-degree Trax90 to align with the edge, instantly setting your track at 90 degrees and ready for cutting. The vacuum hose guides stop your hose (or power cable) catching on the edge of the track or getting in the way - smoother cutting with no more snagging. The Trax90 slides into your Makita track and holds firmly using our unique integrated sprung slide design, no need to make any adjustments or deal with tightening clamps. Trax90 can be slid off from the track from time to time if required, though it is designed to be left fitted to the track to avoid wear. Our Trax90XL is lightweight weighing at just one pound.  Make mounting your track a breeze by fitting the foot of a StealthMounts Cleat 'n' Feet set, the Trax90XL features mounting points for the foot and allows the track to be quickly stowed on a wall or other vertical surface. There is also a smaller sized SteathMounts Trax90 available featuring a low-profile square angle, ideal for shorter tracks. Perfect for your workshop!! Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Trax90XL is made from extremely durable injection moulded ABS plastic.

  • Lightest rail square on the market


  • No setup required - easy to attach and self -aligning
  • Made in Great Britain 
  • Track saw square made with strong injection moulded ABS plastic
  • Easy to assemble onto your track 
  • Keep your workshop and work vehicles organised