Starrett Bågfilblad 300mm 18 TPI 1-pack BS1218


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Starrett Bågfilblad 300mm 18 TPI 1-pack BS1218

BiMetal Unique, för bättre skärpa och livslängd

Bi-Metal Unique™ high speed steel Safe-Flex™ hacksaw blades offer a sturdier construction and long-lasting cutting performance. A patented solid-state diffusion process produces the industry’s most advanced bi-metal hacksaw blade.


  • Massive increase in tooth strength and reduction in breakage and fracture when compared against traditional bi-metal blades
  • Excellent for interrupted cuts in cramped places or where the blade is subject to bending or twisting stresses
  • Safe-Flex technology allows the blade to be flexible, so much so that it can be tied in a knot. Plus, if the blade does break, it won’t shattered into multiple pieces BS1218