PushPRO Push Stick

Bow Products

69 SEK 

PushPRO Push Sticks är en grym "petpinne" med utbytbart gummi. Vill snickra sitt eget handtag så är det också möjligt :)

PushPRO Push Sticks offer unprecedented safety improvements and innovative new benefits in a tool category that has lacked innovation for years. Featuring High Density EVA tips, PushPRO improves feed control, protects wood, and protects you and your tools in case of accidental contact between the Push Stick and the blade. PushPRO eliminates the use of plastic to guide wood. When pressure is applied, Plastic can mar or affect the porosity of some woods. Plastic does not absorb vibration like the High Density foam tip used in the PushPRO. PushPRO simply delivers a better cut than plastic.