Picard Penhammare SecuTec hickoryskaft, 300-800g, 300-350mm


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Penhammare 12 SecuTec med hickoryskaft

Tysk form. Huvud med svart pulverlackering, korrosionsskyddat. Av legerat specialstål, omsorgsfullt härdat och tempererat. Slipad ban och pen, med starka kanter. Säker koppling mellan huvud och skaft genom patenterad SecuTec®-kilskruv. Härdad skaftskyddshylsa. Dubbelt välvt hickoryskaft. DIN 1041.

Art.nr: 0001202-0300, 0001202-0500, 0001202-0800

On the safe side: The details

  1. Wegde bolt
    The wedge screw with washer head provides a much safer attachment between head and shaft than ring wedges or other systems. It effectively prevents the hammer head from flying away. Since no components protrude from the head, the tool can be placed on the hammer head.

  2. PICARD quality steel
    Alloyed to a degree that exceeds DIN standard. Thus, the bevel and the entire hammer have a longer life span.

  3. Protective ring
    The protective ring offers maximum protection against shaft breakage if the hammer is hit incorrectly. It enhances the bending strength through a circumferential, angled stabilising collar.

  4. Hickory shaft
    Hickory wood is vibration dampening, extremely bend-resistant and durable. Compared to standard ash wood handles, hickory has three to four times the stress resistance. The long-fibre wood structure holds the handle together even in case of damage - for even greater safety if the handle breaks. The head cannot fly away even if the wooden handle ages.