Pica Pica-Dry Metal Set


195 SEK 

Pica-Dry Metal Set 30800 

Bundle of Pica-Dry & scribing needle 

  • Scribing needle made of hard metal 
  • Ideal for scribing metal
  • Allows very precise marking for a long period of time - without wear and tear 
  • Needle in practical plastic case for safe storage
  • Diameter: 2.8 mm, length: 30 mm

Pica-Dry with grey cap   

  • Pica-Dry equipped with standard graphite refill in 2B  
  • With grey cap for quick distinction at the trouser pocket, workbench or tool belt
    Quiver cap allows safe handling without risk of injury 
Pica-Dry Metal Set 
Pica-Dry with standard graphite lead 2B and grey cap 
Plastic case with 1x scribing needle  
dimensions: 70 x 235 mm

Always top up refills from the back!