Pica-Gel Signalmarker


91 SEK 

Pica-Gel Signalmarker
The perfect substitute for tube markers
Quick • Effortless • Economic
Very easy and effortless handling: No sweaty tube pressing
Time saving: Marking works considerably faster than using a tube marker
Most economic: 1 Pica-Gel substitutes up to 4 tube markers of 50 ml each

The innovative “Gel-lead” makes the difference:
Marks both on glossy and rough materials, no matter if bright or dark, rusty or oily, hot or freezing cold
Most permanent, after few minutes
High contrast and opaque markings – even on dark surface
Weather & light resistant – ideal for outdoor use
Mutable line width from 2 - 8 mm possible
With useful quiver cap for perfect one handed handling
High quality, smoothly running twist mechanism
Chloride-free for marking on stainless steel
Temperature resistant markings up to approx. 1000°C


Art.nr: 8080/SB, 8081/SB, 8082/SB, 8083/SB, 8084/SB