Maskinållare för Festool 18V maskiner 4-pack


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Maskinhållare för Festool 18V maskiner 4-pack från 48 Tools

Say goodbye to the disorganized chaos of mobile tool storage with the Festool Tool Holder from 48 Tools.

Welcome to a new era of orderly mobile tool storage with the Festool Tool Holder from 48 Tools. Crafted specifically for mobile tradespeople, this advanced accessory understands your daily demands. We've created this multipurpose tool holder to address these needs directly.

Our holder offers a unique clip-in design complemented by secure lock-in tabs, promising your tools will stay put, even under harsh road conditions. Your tools aren't merely stored, but safely housed and conveniently accessible.

We've integrated a 1/4 or 6mm nut insert directly into the holder's body. This groundbreaking feature gets rid of the hassle associated with bottom-up screwing when mounting your tool holders. With the 48 Tools Festool Tool Holder, you can utilize a screw or a 1/4 or 6mm nut and bolt to efficiently attach them to the metal shelves in your van or trailer.

It isn't just about comfort and functionality; it symbolizes durable, long-lasting quality. While primarily designed for standard on-road use, we're confident in its resilience and sturdiness. It's built to endure the daily grind of a busy tradesperson's life. However, we can't guarantee your tools will remain clipped in securely during extreme off-road use.

Our tool holder is more than a product, it's an innovative solution designed to simplify your work life, keeping your tools neat and accessible. This revolutionary approach to tool storage is a testament to our commitment at 48 Tools to create products that meet your real-world needs. Take charge of your mobile workspace with our Festool Tool Holder and discover the 48 Tools difference.

Model Name: Festool Tool Holder

Model Number: TH-FES-GRE-04

Material: ABS

Suited Brand: Festool

Product Dimensions: 7 × 7 × 5 cm

Weight: 0.037 kg