Mafell Sänksåg MT 55 18M bl i T-MAX


12.089 SEK 

Mafell Sänksåg MT 55 18M bl i T-MAX
Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw MT 55 18 M bl in the T-MAX

Batterdriven sänksåg MT 55 18M bl i T-MAX med laddare och 2st 18 M 99 batterier i T-MAX (systainer)

Order number: 91B401

Delivery specification

  • 1 Allen key 5 mm; Ref. No. 093034
  • 1 Dust bag; Ref. No. 206921
  • 1 TCT sawblade 162 x 1.2/1.8 x 20 mm, 48 alternating teeth, for universal use with board materials; Ref. no. 092584
  • 2 Battery PowerTanks 18 M 99, 18V, 99 Wh (LiHD); Ref. No. 094503
  • 1 Battery-PowerStation APS 18 M; Ref. No. 094492
  • 1 Position indicator MT-PA; Ref. No. 205398
  • 1 Parallel guide fence; Ref. No. 203214
  • Transport and storage box T-MAX

Technical data
Cutting depth 0 - 57 mm
Cutting depth at 45° 0 - 40,5 mm
Tilt range -1 - +48 °
Nominal No. of strokes – no load 4850 1/min
Weight 4,5 kg
Battery 18 V, 99 Wh, LiHD

The idea of developing a new plunge-cut saw is not new in itself. The novel aspect of this development, however, was the origination of a unique precision product from a set of especially designed machine components.
The plunge-cut saw MT 55 18M bl is a jack of all trades. It can execute plunge, parting, bevel and angled cuts with supreme precision and without any tearing.
The scoring function is quickly activated in a single movement. The MT 55 18M bl then cuts visible edges as cleanly as a stationary machine, even if the splinter guard is worn.
The cutting depth range has now been extended to 57 mm (2 1/4 in.). Thanks to the innovative tilting system, the options afforded for bevel cuts are practically unlimited as well.

Cross-cutting and rip cuts
Bevel cuts -1 to +48°
Plunge cuts
Compatible materials include solid wood, cement fiberboard, melamine resin panels (Trespa), OSB, gypsum fiberboard, plastics, façade boards and various board materials

Facility for extremely fine adjustment of the cutting depth setting, e.g. when working with a resharpened blade or with Fermacell.
The closed saw blade cover and the slide bar at the saw-cut ensure a very low dust formation.
The cutting depth can be set with millimeter precision. With or without a rail – simply turn the pointer to show the exact cutting depth.
For bevel cuts, the angle setting is fixed in two locations with half a turn of a single locking screw.