Mafell Överfräs LO 55 i Max 3 sys


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Mafell Överfräs LO 55 i Max 3 sys

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Delivery specification

1 Parallel guide fence with fine adjustment
1 chip deflector
1 Template guide 20 mm (13/16 in.)
1 Template guide 30 mm (1 3/16 in.)
1 Template guide 40 mm (1 37/64 in.)
1 Template guide adapter
1 Extraction hose adapter
1 Extraction hose adapter for rail F
1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft)
Transport and storage box MAX3

*Leveransomfattning: 1 Parallellanslag med fininställning, 1 Spånavvisare, 1 Kopieringsring 20 mm, 1 Kopieringsring 30 mm, 1 Kopieringsring 40 mm, 1 Kopieringsrings-adapter, 1 Dammsugsadapter, 1 Dammsugsadapter för F-skena, 1 Elkabel 4 m

    Technical data
    Cutting depth 0 - 55 mm
    Chuck Ø 8 mm
    Nominal No. of strokes – no load 10000 - 24000 1/min
    Nominal power input 1100 W
    Extraction connection diameter 29 mm
    Weight 3,1 kg
    Universal motor 230 V / 50 Hz

    Want to know what a whole new world of versatility looks like? Then cast a glance at the LO 55. In view of its exemplary operation, it’s the ideal partner for every task both in the workshop and on site. Discover the broad application scope for yourself and unleash your creativity.
    Our Ergo-Balance principle focuses on you, the user. As a machine, the LO 55 is perfectly balanced; vibrations and their transmission are simply avoided.
    Graduated turrets with height fixing for recurring machining depths. For dovetail joints, the cutting depth can be additionally fixed.
    Use of the router adapter LO-FA and guide rail F-LR allows you to drill rows of holes with reliability and precision. For rapid progress, simply deactivate the Permafix lock.

    Routing grooves using the parallel fence
    Rows of holes
    Routing rebates
    Compatible materials include solid wood and board materials

    It could hardly be easier or quicker: to insert a different router bit, simply release the locking lever, exchange the bit and park the lever.
    The hose connector is integrated in the baseplate. This arrangement reliably captures chips as they are produced.
    The cutting depth is permanently fixed. Pressing the Permafix button releases the lock for easy adjustment.
    No matter what the light conditions, the wide array of LEDs illuminates the working area perfectly.
    The parallel fence and inserts are locked with the two wing screws in the baseplate.