Kreg Magnetic Stud Finder with Laser-Mark-KMM1000LZ


155 SEK 

Magnetic Stud Finder with Laser-Mark

With a simple and intuitive design, the Kreg Magnetic Stud Finder with Laser-Mark™ is a pocket-friendly way to hit the mark every time. Featuring strong rare earth magnets, the Magnetic Stud Finder with Laser-Mark™ offers reliable indication on wood and metal studs. Laser-Mark™ laser line, hi-viz bubble level, and precision marking notches make it easy to anchor cabinets, shelves, and more without the need to mark on the wall.


  • Laser-Mark™ projects stud location
  • Two powerful magnets find screws and nails
  • Holds hands free on the wall
  • Hi-viz bubble level
  • Works on wood and metal studs
  • Precision centered marking notches
  • Use with or without batteries