Dewalt 20 oz Stålhammare XP 565G


469 SEK 
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Dewalt 20 oz Stålhammare XP 566G

  • Tri-Pull teknologi ger fler olika möjligheter att dra ut spik och riva
  • Regling, stommar och stora konstruktionsspikar
  • Optimal skaftgeometri skingrar vibrationerna mer effektivt
  • Spikhållare med magnet

Quickly drive nails with this 20 oz. Rip Claw Steel Hammer which packs the versatility needed to pry, split, and demolish various materials. The hammer delivers a steady, smooth swing with its balanced design and can be used to remove framing nails, finishing nails, and staples. Depend on this hard-wearing tool for long-lasting performance with its one-piece steel construction and a built-in magnetic nail start for one-handed nail placement.