Byggplast armerad Barrier Net SD40 1,5X50M


760 SEK 
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Byggplast armerad Barrier Net SD40 1,5X50M


1,5m bred rulle 50m lång (75m2)



The BARRIER NET SD40 vapour barrier is made of polyethylene, a material that strongly restricts the passage of vapour from the hot part to the cold part of the structure, limiting condensation problems. Thanks to its composition, it is not affected by mechanical stress or by staples and nails.

BARRIER NET SD40, the vapour barrier with SD 40 m value.

The BARRIER NET SD40 vapour barrier is transparent, for a simple, fast and safe installation. The reinforcing grid offers great resistance to the membrane, even in the event of pressure caused by the insulating material being blown, which could give rise to mechanical stresses that the reinforcing grid can compensate for; in this way, the membrane is always installed safely.