Batterihållare för 4st Festool 18V Batterier


295 SEK 

Batterihållare för 4st Festool 18V Batterier från 48 Tools

Batteriets egna låsning klickar fast i hållaren, hållaren kan monteras i valfri riktning.

Produktinformation "Battery holder for 4 FESTOOL batteries 18V"


  • The smart way to store, organise and transport your 18V batteries. Your batteries are simply clipped into place, just as they are clipped into your power tool.
  • The batteries are held securely in all directions.
  • Insertion and removal is possible with one hand.
  • Available for the leading battery brands.
  • Holds 4 batteries securely
  • Can be mounted on any flat surface
  • Can be used in any direction
  • ABS construction for strength and durability