Alpen Keramo Extreme- Profi Beton, set med 2 st borrar. 5.0- 10.0 mm


129 SEK 166 SEK


Range of application:
For extremely hard porcelain/gres tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9 and glass. No cooling required. Please note max. spindle speed 200 rpm. Not suitable for percussion drilling. Shank DIN 3126, Form E6.3, ISO 1173


  • The perfect solution for the hardest porcelain/gres tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9 and glass.
  • Universal application due to the use in all standard drills.
  • The patented centering tip allows precise placement and exact holes without breakage.
  • No cooling required, allowing for easier handling.
  • The white color ring denotes the ideal drilling depth.


Range of application:
High performance drill especially for standardcordless drills and universal holders (bit holder)
through standard shank profile. For percussion drilling in concrete, brickwork and natural
stone, rotary drilling in ceramics and marble. Shank DIN 3126, Form E6.3, ISO 1173