Alpen C Protector ATM 2, Set med 1st C protector och 1st Profi Beton - Ø5,0 mm-10,0 mm


190 SEK 


The perfect hole, even under the toughest conditions.

Where does satisfaction begin? If a product is already very good and creates a perfect hole, why should it be further improved? At ALPEN we try to compensate for every drilling condition, even those that we cannot control. We do not know what drill you work with. We do not know the exact manufacturing conditions of your tile. And yet we guarantee you the perfect hole, with no cracks at all. This was the aim of our research and development department for the new C PROTECTOR – the perfectionist for the hardest porcelain tiles.


  • TC plate with patented special cutting edge for optimal drilling results
  • More stability due to shortened neck
  • Perfect grip in all chuck s thanks to unique anti-slip shank
  • Crack-free drilling
  • Precise positioning thanks to the centering tip


This makes every hole in porcelain tiles a success.

Range of application:
For extremely hard porcelain tiles up to Mohs / Ritz hardness 9 and glass. No cooling required. Not suitable for percussion drilling. 0000303052100, 0000303062100, 0000303082100, 0000303102100