Abranet Max Flap disc T29 125mm ALOX


67 SEK 


This unique Abranet® Max Flap Disc has a reinforced mesh backing and delivers high performance without clogging or overheating. The minimal clogging ensures an even and stable sanding for a long time, and maintaining a low temperature in the grinding zone avoids burns and melting of the processed materials. The Abranet® Max Flap Disc leaves an excellent surface quality for subsequent paint application, which eliminates the need for an additional processing step. The consistent aggressiveness throughout the entire grinding process and the long lifetime of the Abranet® Max Flap Disc allow for significant savings in both time and money. Areas of use are within Metalworking, Woodworking as well as Construction. For example aluminum processing, removal of old paintwork and corrosion from metal surfaces, grinding operations without overheating the surface, wood stripping, incl. resinous wood types and wood with high moisture content, processing of ends and removal of old paintwork from logs (bar) in wooden housing construction.