Collins Tool

750 SEK 
Available for pre-order


Our Second Generation Tread Template is Now Available!

It is now:

  • Manufactured of zinc plated steel,
  • as attractive as polished aluminum,
  • more difficult to scratch or ding,
  • easier to handle and adjust,
  • stronger in all respects!

Lay out stair treads, risers and shelving to perfection.

Fit the template between walls and tighten the bar nuts.
Lay the template on a tread blank, lining up the plate ends on the edge of the blank.
Mark the blank with a knife or a sharp pencil.
Cut the tread blank right on the lines for a perfect fit.
Use a level on the 1X2 when laying out risers.


This is a true multi-generational tool. Switching to steel helps us hold the cost down.
If you are doing quality work, this tool will pay for itself before you finish your next stair.

If you build stairs, this jig will save you time and give you perfect accuracy on every tread. Make no mistake… no matter how much money you spend, you won’t get your marks any better than this.