Suprabeam Inspektionslampa - I2r 700 Lumens


865 SEK 


Professional and versatile work light.

I2r is an extremely versatile inspection light that will light up even the tightest areas like cable shafts or engine compartments. With its flexible design it can be twisted and turned to deliver handsfree light in any direction. This inspection light can stand on its own, it can hang in the hidden hook, and the magnetic foot will stick to any magnetic surface.

The long main light on the arm delivers a very wide floodlight and is capable of lighting up large areas. I2r is also fitted with a top light in the very end of the arm, letting you light up straight ahead, even in very cramped spaces. With 700 lumens from the main light and 120 lumens from the top light there is always enough light to get the job done. 410.1002