Stabila 4-delars set Punktlaser LA-5P


2.850 SEK 
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LA-5P 5-point laser, 4-piece set

LA-FP 5-point laser, wall bracket, target plate, belt pouch, 3 x AA 1.5 V batteries


This pocket-size laser is easily carried around at work, it’s robust yet light with the renowned STABILA standard of accuracy. It has easy to see bright narrow laser dots. Heights and plumb points can be transferred to a high degree of accuracy and right angles can be aligned in an instant. Builders with interior projects will appreciate that they can work directly on U-profile channels thanks to the height extendable foot. This makes the LA-5P a worthwhile investment for all professionals who need a quick and easy 90° solution.

Product advantages

  • Self-levelling 5-point laser.
  • Create right angles, plumb, transfer and align heights at distances of up to 30 m away.
  • Laser points are very visible, bright and fine for marking the middle of the point exactly.
  • Five laser points: plumb-line dots upwards and downwards as well as three horizontal points which form two 90° angles.
  • With the 90° transfer, axes can be aligned and, at the same time, two right angles can be created.
  • Plumb-line function for transferring the layout from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Compact, rotatable housing with extendable foot for height adjustment for working directly on U-profiles.
  • Versatile use: can be used on the floor, on a tripod (1/4“ thread), with the rare-earth magnets on metallic objects or on the wall bracket.
  • Shock-absorbent STABILA soft grip casing.
  • Protection class IP 54.
  • Belt pouch.
LA-5P point laser

Compact, rotatable housing with extendable foot for height adjustment for working directly on U-profiles

Application examples

  • For layout work in drywall construction, for example, positioning of interior and partition walls. In metal construction for alignment of façades. For installation work, for example, when positioning car ports. For architects to check the specified dimensions when carrying out inspections. For foremen to quickly check building construction carried out by craftsmen.

Technical data

Laser class
< 1 mW
Laser wavelength
635 nm
Self-levelling range +/-
Levelling accuracy +/-
0.30 mm/m
Laser beam accuracy (up) +/-
0.30 mm/m
Laser beam accuracy (down) +/-
0.40 mm/m
90° angle accuracy +/-
0.20 mm/m
Measuring range of visible point
30 m
Operating life
20 h
Protection class
IP 54
Tripod connection