Stabila BM42G Måttband 30 m Glasfiber


350 SEK 


As a seasoned professional working up to 30 metres you need a measuring tape that can stand up to the rigours of daily use. The frame is made from break-resistant polyamide with reinforcing ribs on the inside. Thanks to the high speed gear mechanism the tape winds back effortlessly after use. The universal hook includes a special nail eyelet, developed for quick release. Added to this, the hook also has the unique STABILA spikes coating to improve slip resistance. A classic design from STABILA.

Product advantages

  • Open reel tape with impact-resistant polyamide housing and a light and hard-wearing, white fibreglass measuring blade with cm scale (the first metre is in mm).
  • Universal hook with STABILA Spikes coating to help prevent slipping, even on smooth surfaces and when measuring over larger distances.
  • Lock can be released quickly thanks to an eyelet integrated into the hook.
  • The grooved turning handle facilitates holding and tensioning the measuring blade.
  • Wide arms in a tried-and-tested Y shape provide good blade guidance.
  • Special plastic guide prevents the measuring blade from catching between the rollers and the frame.
  • Plastic coating protects the scale against wear.
  • Red tens for quick orientation and reading.
  • Measuring scale with large digits – single-sided measurement in cm, the first metre in mm.
  • 0-point is at the start of the tape clasp.
  • Complies with the European MID Directive.
  • With CE and metrology marking and EC Type Examination Certificate.
  • Accuracy class III.

Application examples

  • For measurements over large distances, for example, in bricklaying or wood construction, reinforced concrete construction, metal construction, road construction, gardening and landscaping work.