Precision Rail Square for Festool, Makita & Triton rails

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Precision Rail Square for Festool, Makita & Triton rails 

The Precision Rail Square is designed to handle the most accurate and tight tolerances for top quality woodworking while cutting with your rail/track saw.

  • Fits Festool, Makita and Triton type saw rails or and the 
  • No tools needed to assemble the rail square to your saw rail due to lever system and thumbscrews
  • With tolerances of 0,005 - 0,007 degrees accuracy, these guide rail squares are dead on straight.
  • Precision CNC machined in-house from 6082 aluminium and anodised for protection.
  • Every rail square checked for accuracy on a probing system to guarantee these tolerances.

Easily and fastly slide the rail square on your rail and pull it square with the lever. Secure the rail to the square by gently tigthening the thumbscrews.

Please note that very small marks on the edges might be visible from workholding during the machining process!