MIDI-systainer® T-Loc III


603 SEK 

MIDI-systainer® T-Loc är 10cm bredare än systainer® T-Loc III.
Hopkopplingsbar med traditionella systainer T-Loc.
Perfekt för tex tigersåg, borrhammare och för verktygspaket.

Tillgängliga insatser:
- Universal insats för tigersåg och borrhammare.
- Mjuk skumgummiinsats för locket.
- Mjuk skumgummiinsats för lådans botten.

Utvändiga mått : H 210 x W 496 x D 296 mm
Invändiga mått: H 180 x W 483 x D 267 mm

De flesta insatser till systainer® T-Loc passar till MIDI-systainer® T-Loc, men då utnyttjas inte
hela lådan.

Fler detaljer (På engelska)
- Lock-Open-Connect -> by using only one hand
- opening of the lower systainer® when linked
- 100 % compatibility with systainer® T-Loc I-V and Tool Box
- a maximum of available and usable interior
- labelling spots for individually printed stickers or plug-in cards
- upright carrying is possible for MIDI-systainer® II (ej släppt till försäljning)
- ergonomic handle
- modern T-Loc design

Client‘s advantage
- It is possible to pack bigger parts, devices etc. than in the systainer® I-V
- Possibility to integrate in a tower of systainer® T-Loc (in comparison to MAXIsystainer®)
- Time saving due to the known advantages of the T-Loc system (in comparison to MAXI-systainer®)
- Individual labelling thanks to printed plug-in cards, paper (protected by transparent plug-in cards) or stickers (in comparison to MAXI-systainer®)
- Professional, modern appearance towards the customer

Connectable with
- systainer® T-Loc I-V
- systainer ®T-Loc II with lid-sort tray
- systainer® Tool-Box

Not connectable with
- all versions of systainer® Classic Line *
- caster Classic Line *
- caster T-Loc *
- all vacuum cleaners *
* Possible to connect if a systainer® T-Loc is under the MIDI

Compatible with:
- MINI systainer® CL I and II (inside)
- MINI systainer® T-Loc I and II (inside)
- TANOS®mobil (however, space is not optimally used)
- carrying strap
- MAXI-Trapo
- T-Loc catch lockable
- plug-in cards, stickers, WEB-Tool for labelling
- traverses in a longer version (traverses are being cut to the correct length)

Not compatible with:
- strongboxes
- Trapo-vario