Level Max fönsterkuddar


550 SEK 
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Eurotec Level Max
The Level Max air cushion is an inflatable assembly cushion with a built-in pump that is used to raise, align and position windows, doors, furniture, cupboards and household appliances.
The air cushion’s maximum lifting weight is 100 kg. Say goodbye to cumbersome handling with wedges or other assembly aids, as Eurotec’s Level Max air cushion is the ideal tool for aligning, attaching and installing windows, doors, furniture and much more with complete accuracy. It also impresses with its easy operation, allowing positioning with one hand and inflation with the built-in pump.
The Level Max air cushion is not only highly robust and durable but also soft, so it can adapt perfectly to uneven substrates and is gentle to all sensitive surfaces, such as window frames or doors.

Product properties and advantages
• Enormous time savings
• Accurate alignment down to the last millimetre
• Long-lasting and can be used as often as needed
• Easy operation
• Can be used with one hand