Alpen Keramo Extreme - keramik- och glas-borrar 5.0 - 12.0 mm


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Range of application:
For extremely hard porcelain/gres tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9 and glass. No cooling required. Please note max. spindle speed 200 rpm. Not suitable for percussion drilling. Shank DIN 3126, Form E6.3, ISO 1173


  • The perfect solution for the hardest porcelain/gres tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9 and glass.
  • Universal application due to the use in all standard drills.
  • The patented centering tip allows precise placement and exact holes without breakage.
  • No cooling required, allowing for easier handling.
  • The white color ring denotes the ideal drilling depth.