STABILA TruePro EDITION 100 CM - 3 st vattenpass med väska och nyckelring


895 SEK 

Tre vattenpass i serie 80AS med specialtryck "be a True Pro"

100 cm
60 cm
30 cm
Praktiskt förvaringsväska

Three professional spirit levels in an attractive special set. Quality spirit levels – Made in Germany. The STABILA 80 AS True Pro Edition will ensure that you’re perfectly equipped to take on your projects. With appealing True Pro special labels, these spirit levels are reliable tools to have on construction sites thanks to STABILA’s tried-and-tested quality. The tools’ key highlight comes in the form of integrated anti-slip stoppers, which ensure the spirit level is seated firmly during marking. The sturdy case keeps your measuring tools well protected during transport. A STABILA key fob is included. STABILA – always a great choice for true professionals.

Set 1: 80 AS True Pro Edition 100 cm
1 x type 80 AS True Pro, 30 cm | 12"
1 x type 80 AS True Pro, 60 cm | 24"
1 x type 80 AS True Pro, 100 cm | 40"
1 x True Pro spirit level carrying case
1 x vial key chain


Art. no.: 19582