1ST DeWalt TOUGHSYSTEM DS450 Mobile storage box


1.199 SEK 1.450 SEK

DEWALTs PirraDeWalt TOUGHSYSTEM DS450 Mobile storage box

  • IP65 level seal for water and dust protection
  • Padlock eye
  • Wide gripping area for pushing and pulling
  • Bi-material telescopic handle
  • Side latches for modules stacking
  • Special design of lid opening with a rotating handle, enables maximum storage volume with a non-detachable lid
  • Side handles for carrying
  • High quality 7” wheels
  • Structural foam material
  • Anti-Rust metal latches
  • Storage box capacity load 50kg
  • Telescopic handle carrying capacity 70kg

Total mått B 597 x D 480 x H 990mm